A Cold and Rainy Day but Trans Film Screening continued

It was a stormy and rainy night for the screening at the Trans Film Screening Series at University of Toronto. Oh Toronto Weather.

Here are some pics from the Q&A after the screening. I was so honoured to have Ashai co-facilitate, and to have my partner Jin support me on this cold rainy night.



Suicide Note screens at Berlin’s trans and queer film festival

It was an honour to have my whole work screened at Berlin’s minicutiepoc film fest. Living-room festivals are incredible – all the joys of community-building. Thanks to A and R for putting together this organic film festival. Plus, the vegetarian feast and food made everything even yummier and complete.

I received questions eventhough had no idea there was going to be a Q&A afterwards. It is always exciting to have an engaged and contemplative audience. The feedback and thoughts were really touching.


final fragment finally!

So, it took a long time to complete the final fragment – Toronto Intermission. It was a lot more elaborate project than the previous two pieces – with fast paced editing and many scenes happening at the same time and cross-cutting into each other. Thanks to my sound editor – Konrad – who took the tedious task of making the sound flow.

It is always difficult with the last pieces and bits. I feel I can always do more or improve on something. At the same time, I think I think I had closure in terms of its substance in August when I completed the picture editing. Some of the lighting and colours are still off. But after a long delay of waiting to show it, I screened it to the long awaiting audience who have been waiting to find out how it all ends, and how it all begins. Wait! What does that mean? (i used the word wait a billion times in this paragraph)

I don’t know if the final fragment will give answers you might be looking for. But it is finished.

Now I have to put the three pieces together into a single video file.

Like my previous two screenings, it was fun to show the audience once again how to make an origami boat. Everybody is always so engaged and enthusiastic. I would have very much like to teach how to make an origami bird, but folding steps for the crane are too complex. So instead, an origami boat is an easier example.

2nd fragment revealed

The screening of the 2nd fragment went well. People loved the bicycle shots and the exploding sounds and theme of waters.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the private screening and reception. It does work well to have it on Friday early evening, so I am glad I changed it from its original date. And amazingly, the sun was still shining by the end of it.

Now on to the final fragment. Some pics from the event:

Some shots of the scene with the clown

We started bright and early today. It took us a while to set up the space, and position the lighting. The 3 hours we had for the space – Renegade on Queen St – went by fast. We rushed a bit in the end. But I think I have got what I wanted.