Ecstatic Colour Me Dragg at Buddies Theatre

The crowd was ecstatic. A couple of bloopers and wardrobe malfunction. Though I guess usually it is just the artist most aware of it.

Now onto the complicated performance editing.

You can check out photos of Colour Me Dragg: Silence This by a professional photographer Tania here:

My video is here:

Final shoot tomorrow with live stage performance

The final scene will be shot tomorrow. The scene is a stage performance. So it is going to be a live film shoot of an actual stage performance at Colour Me Dragg. It is going to my first solo dance on stage.

David and I plan to do a couple of takes of the rehearsal so we have some backup footage to play with. And then hopefully, if all goes well with the real crowd, lighting, and audience interaction, I can pull off the show and shoot.

Now onto the last bits: costume design. I am painting silver and glitter onto plain red $5 pants to make it performance worthy, as in, shiny. And weaving decorations and sequins onto my fishnet shirt. Costumes! – the forgotten side of performances and videos.

Some shots of the scene with the clown

We started bright and early today. It took us a while to set up the space, and position the lighting. The 3 hours we had for the space – Renegade on Queen St – went by fast. We rushed a bit in the end. But I think I have got what I wanted.