Artist Biography

portrait-akprinceAmar K.prince is a performing artist, videomaker, and educator. Having grown up in Hong Kong, she has lived and travelled through various places: Amritsar, Berlin, Toronto and Peterborough. Prince’s artistic practice is concerned with portraying diasporic memories, identities and emotions. Her video trilogy – Suicide Note – premiered at Berlin’s People of Colour Trans and Queer Film Festival in 2011. At present, she is working on a series of photographs and video shorts that bring to life the complexities of migrant temporalities and thought processes across multiple geographies. Line is a series of photographs featuring the many facets of line taking form in unique everyday patterns, and is exhibited by A Colour Deep.

Amar also writes poetry and is a stage artist and dancer. As a member of the Dakus Collective, she performed in Toronto at Colour Me Dragg, Inside/Out Film Festival’s Transplanetarium Party 2009, StimulAsian by The Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention), and ‘$3/hour’ Asian Freedom School May-works show. Most recently, she performed at Brown Canada’s Legacies of the Komagata Maru show in 2012, Brown//Out Pride Toronto Stage 2013, and Making a Stage for our Stories in 2013.