Summer Reflections and Gearing Up for Fall Screenings

As I gear up for my upcoming screening Systems of Survival film screening, I am reflecting all the past processes and happenings that brought me here.

It has been an endless process. So let’s talk about the past summer alone, which consisted of a couple of small and cozy screenings in Toronto and Peterborough.

Shedding+Regenerating was filled with free delicious food in observation of the spiritual practice of langar in Sikhism. It felt so important to nourish art with nutritional food – that often gets lost in the process of making and sharing art. And in a film about emotional well being, migration journeys and memories, food is perhaps of even greater significance. The event featured dal, roti, sarson da saag – some of the gem dishes of Punjab, and made possible through the wonderful support and organizing of annu saini who also exhibited two of her recently completely conceptual art pieces. It was also a pleasure to connect with Rose and Nick from LAL who helped host the event.

Architecture of Mad at Mad Pride in Toronto was a last minute confirmation. Though I wasn’t able to make it to my film screening, I participated in the inspiring creative writing workshop and discussion group.

And I returned twice in the summer to Peterborough – a strange place where I have worked more than lived. Once for a film screening and artist talk hosted by Community and Race Relations Committee of Peterborough as part of South/Asian Month. And the second time, towards the end of summer, for a rare weekend getaway with close friends, where I returned to Otonabee River (see Interactive for locational anecdotes).

At the heart of all these events, I am reminded… art doesn’t exist outside of communities, real spaces and change-making. Here is some feedback received from Peterborough:

Suicide Note weaves an auditory and visual narrative by threading together seemingly divergent strands of pace, perception and sound into a powerful story where the starkness produced by the very absence of words enhances the magnificent presence and expressions of the protagonist. By centering on silenced subjects, representations of voicelessness burst through their transformation into expressions of empowerment, movement through cycles, and the power of memory for healing. ~ karolyn givogue

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