Radio Interview on Frequency Feminisms

Am feeling empowered and inspired by my recent interview on radio show Frequency Feminisms. It is making me want to do radio again. Here is the radio archive in case you missed me last Saturday. I am on during the first half, and Erin and Krysta from the Native Youth Sexual Health are on for the second portion.

The radio show runs every Saturday by a feminist collective from 4 to 6pm, so be sure to catch them regularly at

Radio Show: Frequency Feminisms

Radio Station: Radio Regent

Date: Saturday, 19 May 2012

Host: annu saini

Guests: A. K. Prince, Erin Konsmo, Krysta Williams

First Half Topics: Discussion of Mental Health and Suicide; Process of Making Suicide Note Artwork; Critiques of It Gets Better project; Critiques of Arts and Youth Programming; Food and Art; Punjab; Sikhism; Langar

This is a compressed mp3 (50MB). If you would like high-quality mp3 for any reason, please get in touch.