Some shots of the scene with the clown

We started bright and early today. It took us a while to set up the space, and position the lighting. The 3 hours we had for the space – Renegade on Queen St – went by fast. We rushed a bit in the end. But I think I have got what I wanted.

first fragment shown

NFB Screening of Hong Kong Express

NFB Screening of Hong Kong Express

It is scary – first time screening your work. But I got wonderful support and reception from friends. And now feel inspired to complete the Life/Death Project trilogy.

I put up a webform for receiving feedback. Thank you to everyone! Here is one quote:

In this film, intense, shocking and silenced subjects are centered in a manner that explodes the experiences of loneliness and silence into a narrative of empowerment, movement and sharing.… The use of virtual and visual media demonstrates the fact that those who are silenced can find their voice and deliver messages through the very mobilization of their silence.